This is the course, where you will go down every Rabbit Hole, and learn to UNLEARN.  This means deprogramming, and it will be necessary for you to admit that you were programmed from the day you were born.

Then, in the “Internship” part of the course, you will learn to Relearn…by Relearning.  By Deprogramming and Reprogramming yourself…based on the principles of Universal and Global law.  The Principles and Premise of which, is in the book: THE LAW OF NATURE AND NATIONS.

You will learn how to acquire Standing and Diplomatic Immunity and Political Autonomy from the Matrix Slave Plantation that you already belong to.  Uh, that is with emphasis on the words…”belong to”.

Does any of this mean “easy”?   If you haven’t faced the facts of life…then know this upfront: NOTHING GOOD IN THIS LIFE COMES EASY.  In fact, Life… especially the Slave Life, where you have NO SAY in Law and Political Decisions which are MADE FOR YOU TO FOLLOW… well, it’s a very hard life.  One of my sales trainers used to say… “Yep, life’s so hard, you’re not getting out of it alive”.   So, rather than asking for ease and comfort, which only enslaves you, why not ask for adventure.  Why not challenge anything that makes you uncomfortable… so that you can grow out of the uncomfortable, by learning the knowledge and skill… to make the uncomfortable… COMFORTABLE!


Your level of knowledge and legal experience in this arena is unmatched by anyone, and I am very thankful to be able to communicate with you thus building my own personal understanding and knowledge base.

Nicholas R.

DVD are well worth the money. I’ve purchased and watched all. To learn everything on my own would have cost a lot more in time and research. I could talk to this guy for hours, and in fact, have. If you combine all your shows with David, you are only scratching the surface. What a great teacher.

Tminus 5

” love this guy. The best guy you’ve had on your show yet. That last video blew my mind, especially how he was deciphering the different words and their meanings. I knew a lot of the stuff he had mentioned but just when you think you know something ya learn something new. How do I follow this guy?”
Dan R

Can I get some info about how to join or volunteer with the DOM? I like your philosophy, and Prime Minister Williams is a brilliant person. The first time I saw prime minister Williams was on Sarah Westall YouTube channel. I was blown away not just at the facts and information he had but the fact that he was able to connect the dots and explain it logically and realistically.

Mathew H.

Thank you, Sarah and David. I paid much attention to David some years ago and learned much. I learned about honor and dishonor, how things came to be the way they are and that I was in no position to get out of the matrix while I am dependent on state benefits, schools, hospitals etc… It has actually made me a more honorable and responsible person, albeit one that is state owned.
Sam Phi

Thank you for the help, David. you guys are great and the DVDs are worth it 100 times over. I’m going slow but am on it for life and will teach my kids how to be in this world on a better footing now. peace brother.​

Luke T.